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Resources for Preschool Aged Children

Last Updated: 4/5/2021 7:34 PM

Welcome to Bonneville Joint School District 93's Preschool Initiative


Bonneville Joint School District 93 is pleased to announce they are continuing their preschool literacy initiative this year.  This program is for district preschool children, ages 3 to 5, who haven't started kindergarten yet.  We have also extended this program to include a Spanish version for our preschool children that speak Spanish as their primary language in the home. 

Starting the month after you sign up, your child will receive a monthly newsletter and children's book.  Throughout the school year you can look forward to:

·         Early literacy skills information

·         Book recommendations

·         Activities for parents to try at home

·         Poems, songs, finger plays, rhymes


April Newsletter English

April Newsletter Spanish

March Newsletter English

March Newsletter Spanish

February Newsletter English

February Newsletter Spanish

January Newsletter English

January Newsletter Spanish

December Newsletter English

December Newsletter Spanish

November Newsletter English

November Newsletter Spanish

October Newsletter English

October Newsletter Spanish


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